Tips to Avoid Driving Distractions

Driving Safety

These days, it is the norm to multitask. You will rarely see someone focusing on one thing at a time. Sometimes it is harmless, like eating and doing homework or even listening to music and writing a paper. However, driving is a time where multi-tasking should be off-limits. Driving distractions are the number one cause of accidents, and in the event of an accident it is important to be driving

#1: Put your phone in silent. If you can’t hear the constant text-message alert, you will not feel the need to look. If you still find yourself looking out of habit, put your phone in your bag/backpack!

#2: Make a playlist before-hand. Have a playlist ready before you leave so you do not find yourself fumbling through your iPod to find a song.

#3: Set the controls before leaving. Put your heat/air on the setting you prefer so you aren’t playing around with it while you are driving.

#4: Pull over if you are lost. Don’t try to work the GPS while driving. Pull over in a safe spot and get it figured out before going any further. Many newer cars have voice activated GPS so you can update your directions without having to stop.

#5: Don’t drive late at night. You will most likely be too tired to drive. Road hypnosis is common!  It’s important to be well rested.

#6: Eat before you leave. Eating and driving is so dangerous. You will probably drop crumbs and then worry about where they went. Looking down for one second can result in an accident.

#7: Get up earlier. You should not be getting ready in the car. This includes putting on makeup, or even shaving! If you find yourself not being ready in time, get up earlier!

Staying safe on the road is so important.  Don’t let a stupid mistake cost you your life!