Protect Your Child, Recall On Popular Bike Helmets!

Child : “Mom, what if I fall off my bike?”


Keep your child safe, check to see if you have this popular brand of bike helmet.

Mom: “You have your bicycle helmet on, you are safe.”

Our children depend on us to keep them safe.  Whether it is holding their hands as they cross a crowded street, getting rid of the scary monster under the bed, or making a healthy lunch for them; our job as a parent is protecting them.  What if I told you that your child may be in serious danger when riding their bike? Do you have this brand of bike helmet in your garage?  You could be affected by the recall.

Pacific Cycle is recalling a line of Schwinn bicycle helmets sold at Target stores. The magnetic buckle on the helmet’s chin strap could possibly come loose, resulting in harm if swallowed or a breech in protection if being worn while this happens.

What model is recalled?  The Magnetic No-Pinch Buckle Infant Helmet sold exclusively at Target.

What is the recall for:


The information below is directly from the  Schwinn bicycle website:


Recall Notice: Magnetic No-Pinch Buckle Infant Helmet

Product Update

At Schwinn we are dedicated to producing the highest quality bikes and accessories on the market. Schwinn is a family friendly company made up of moms and dads, and grandmas and grandpas, and aunts and uncles and our own children regularly use our products. We know that safety is your number one priority when buying one of our helmets for your child and it’s our number one priority when producing one. We are committed to the safety of our helmets and to the Schwinn Quality standard, using over 120 years of cycling heritage, passion and expertise to guide us.

Which products are affected?

The Magnetic No-Pinch Buckle Infant Helmet sold exclusively at Target.

The helmet and its straps come in various colors and design patterns. The buckles have small plastic covers and enclosed magnets. Only helmets with the unique type of magnetic no-pinch chin strap buckles shown below are affected by this recall.

safety recall

Pacific Cycle Magnetic No-Pinch Buckle infant bicycle helmets

What is the voluntary recall for?

Despite passing extensive global industry and regulatory testing, Schwinn has recently received three reports that the magnetic chin strap buckle on the Magnetic No-Pinch Buckle Infant Helmets sold exclusively at Target has small plastic covers and magnets that may come loose due to inadequate adhesive, posing a potential choking and magnet ingestion hazard. There have been no reported injuries among the 129,000 chin strap buckles sold since January 2014 that are being recalled. Safety is always our number one priority, and in an abundance of caution, Schwinn approached the CPSC to conduct a voluntary recall of the product.
What should I do?Consumers should immediately take the helmets away from children and contact Schwinn for instructions on how to receive a free replacement helmet.Or contact customer service at Pacific Cycle, Inc., Schwinn’s parent company, toll-free at 877-564-2261, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST Monday through Friday, or via email at