Going Away to College? It’s Time to Review Your Auto Insurance Coverage!

college student

Going away to college

Headed to College?

There is no doubt your family will be going through a few changes once your child decides to go away to college. You must make sure your child is equipped to live on their own.  This means having enough money to spend on food and other necessities, having electronics to get work done and having reliable auto insurance. Yes, your child will still need an auto insurance plan, especially if they are taking their car to college!

So much can happen on a college campus and it is sad to say that there is also a lot of vandalism. There are cases of break-ins, hit and runs and even slashed tires when parking in campus lots. Not to mention the chances of being hit by a drunk driver increase.  Though your child is not home, it is best to make sure that your plan will cover them being out of state. If so, it is important to notify the company that there will be a change of address on the plan. The last thing you will need during this transition is an accident to stress you out more!

What if your child is leaving their car at home? Well that is easy! Just notify your insurance company and most companies will offer discounts for cars that will not be driven as frequently.

It may seem clear what the point of this blog is: notify your insurance company of the change! A change in your life will mean a change in your plan.  Having the right policy will ensure your child that their liability, medical, comprehensive and collision costs will be covered should an emergency happen at school. And as a parent, you will sleep better knowing your child is protected. Safety is the top priority!

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