If Your Child Drinks From This Sippy Cup, Chances Are They Are Getting Sick

Product Recall Alert: Sippy Cup

sippy cup

Is your little one in danger?

If you are like most parents I know, you want the best for your children.  You read on how to be a great parent.  You follow all the rules, as silly as they may seem.  You invest quality time.  You read to your children daily.  You are committed to giving them the best childhood possible.  What if in our battle to protect our children from everything we can, we are actually making them sick?



Do you have this in your home?

I love filling up a sippy cup with water, apple juice, or milk and handing it to my precious little one.  It is so easy and it helps keep them occupied for at least three seconds!  Buyer beware, the sippy cups from Tommee Tippee have been recalled.

According to the Tommee Tippee Website:

Mold can develop on the removable, one-piece, white valve inside the cup when it remains wet/moist and is infrequently cleaned.  Although the resulting risk of gastrointestinal symptoms and infections in consumers with compromised immune systems is low, the product is being voluntarily recalled in the US and Canada.

Recalled Product

Tommee Tippee Sippy Cups with a removable, one-piece white valve (shown below), sold between December 2014 and March 2016 in the USA and Canada. Tommee Tippee Sippy Cups with a different valve are not affected.

sippy cup

What Should I do if

I Have This Sippy Cup?

Stop using the sippy cup immediately.  Go to the Tommee Tippee website for more information! The great news is Tommee Tippee is going to replace recalled sippy cups! They will take care of making sure that you are a happy customer again, and that your littles are safe.

And in case someone forgot to tell you lately, “Carry on parents, you are AWESOME!”