Basic Home and Auto Security

Safety First!

Safety is a top priority.  In today’s times it is imperative to be vigilant and proactive to minimize exposure to potential opportunist. Regardless of the neighborhood or community in which you reside you need to consider the potential risk and make an effort to mitigate any possible threat. This can be easily achieved by implementing strategies found on the web as well as the important information below.


Safety basics for home


  • Do not leave any valuables in the car, including garage opener.

-Utilize the latest technology built in to the car where they can program their garage door opener into it.

  • Park the vehicle in the garage.
  • Consider implementing a security film on the windows of the vehicle.

-This could discourage Burglars from breaking into a vehicle.

-Research this added security feature that are out in the market

For those who were victims of burglarized motor vehicle (BMV):

  1. Disengage the manual release on the garage door opener, and use a chain and padlock to secure the garage door for the meantime.
  2. Check your manual on how to change the code on the garage door opener.
  3. For further assistance, contact the manufacturing company of the garage door opener for other safety measures if it has limited codes.
  4. Consider using a deadbolt lock on the entrance door from the garage to the main house. Reinforce the strike plates with a security grade 3” screw.
  5. Consider marking valuable items with a unique ID. Use an engraver to apply permanent mark/ID on items.
  6. Consider contacting a crime prevention practitioner in your area to conduct a security survey on the property.

Taking precautions is always the best practice for safety. When shopping for a home or auto the best proactive measure you can take is to find and secure a reputable insurance agent that has a local office, someone who knows the community.