3 Umbrella Insurance Facts You Didn’t Know

Umbrella Insurance: Little Known Facts

umbrella insurance

Are you covered by umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance is protection against major claims. It offers you extra security for your future and assets. When you have this insurance, you are adding additional coverage to your other insurance policies. You need this insurance to cover your loss when your other insurance policies have exhausted their protection.

  • Umbrella insurance will cover claims other insurance policies will not cover. For instance, this insurance will cover claims for false arrest, slander, and libel. In addition, umbrella insurance will cover your rental units. It provides protection against injuries, lawsuits, damages to the property, and other liabilities. You may think you do not need more insurance since you have your home and cars insured. However, this insurance will cover you beyond the limits of your other policies.
  • This insurance offers you more protection when the unexpected happens. It helps cover the cost of bodily injuries to another person if you caused the accident. This can include medical bills and liability claims. In addition, umbrella insurance will help cover the extra cost of replacing another person’s property if it is damaged by you or your pets.
  • Another great fact about this insurance is that it will provide protection against injuries to others.  Whether a dog bite or a fall you will be covered.

You never know when an accident may happen. Without the additional liability insurance protection, you are at risk of incurring large expenses if you are at fault for the accident. Therefore, it is better to get the protection with this insurance before an accident occurs.